Pug’s portrait painted in a whimsical style.


When I was asked to paint Frankie the Pug's portrait, and the style was left up to me, I decided that I would accentuate her wrinkles, her prominent eyes and her flattened muzzle in an almost comic book style.

Bubble gum ideas from tissue paper for Pug portrait.

In my collection of scrap paper, I happened to have tissue paper waiting to be used somehow...The pink circles reminded me of Bazooka Joe gum from long ago while the other colours could certainly be found in bubble gum machines. Don't ask me why I had bubble gum on my mind! At any rate, the background colours worked perfectly and picked up some of the blues and greens of the portrait.

Frankie is very maternal in caring for other Mastiff puppies that have been raised in the household and who were much bigger than she is. In the photo below, she is cuddling the newest addition to the family, another sweet Pug named Moose. She follows her humans everywhere in the house and loves to sneak under the blankets to stay warm and close to her human family.

Two pugs sharing a bed
Frankie with puppy pug Moose. Reference photo taken by owner.

What’s not to love about a breed whose main characteristics include a furrowed face with soft brown eyes and an upturned nose?

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I have painted many pets in non traditional style over the years.  A few quick examples include:

Boo, a white cat was painted in January 2021 in blues and greens with a different effect from Frankie's portrait.

Axl, the Wheaten Terrier's rainbow colours reflect his playfulness and energy.

Although Azara was painted in more traditional colours, her quirkiness is shown in her appearance: she is a bit aloof in the expression of her face and as the client requested, she is wearing a suit.

Coco was a young puppy when I painted her in soft pastel colours. She is now 13, a senior dog, still much loved by my sister.




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