Sketch of nurse by Louise's ARTiculations
Transport Team adapts to new circumstances.

Transport Team member describes his work.   National Respiratory Therapy (RT) Week.   The last full week of October is designated as National Respiratory Therapy Week. (This post was previously published in 2020 and has been updated.) In 2020, several … Read More

Here Comes the Sun collage sunflower by Louise Primeau
Painted Sunflowers Never Fade.

Painted Sunflowers never fade even as winter is near. While painted sunflowers never fade, all other colourful flowers are showing signs that they have been touched by the cold that has been with us for the last week in eastern … Read More

Expressionist pumpkin by Louise Primeau
Inspired by Fall and Canadian Thanksgiving.

Recent Projects for Fall and Canadian Thanksgiving. Fall weather has arrived in eastern Ontario in time for Canadian Thanksgiving. The temperature has taken a dramatic dip from last week’s blistering heat. A hot cup of coffee is very much appreciated … Read More

Coneflower by Louise Primeau
One Single Painted Coneflower.

A recently painted single coneflower is the only one I will enjoy this summer. My coneflowers barely survived the onslaught of Japanese beetles that destroyed many of my plants.   Coneflowers or Echinacea are rather hardy plants, but even they … Read More

Sydney and Tigger, colourful memorial pet portraits
Tigger and Sydney in colourful cat portraits.

Colourful memorial cat portraits of Tigger and Sydney. Tigger and Sydney were painted on wood slices for the client who wanted to gift them to her parents at Christmas. She requested portraits for herself in 2020. (FIRST PUBLISHED IN FEBRUARY … Read More

summer lament
End of summer lament.

Lament as summer comes to an end… “Summer was our best season: it was sleeping on the back screened porch in cots, or trying to sleep in the treehouse; summer was everything good to eat; it was a thousand colors … Read More

Summer's Last Breath painted by Louise Primeau
Summer’s Last Breath.

Last breath for summer flowers. Summer flowers are quickly fading as the seasons change. They give way to potted mums adding a bit of colour on front porches in my town. With the change of seasons, Canadians decorate their homes … Read More

Morocco on my mind.

This was one of my first posts as a blogger/artist. Published in June 2015, it is an account of a week long trip to northern parts of Morocco. Added thoughts September 2023. The catastrophic effects of the earthquake are simply … Read More

A Jar Filled with Daisies by Louise Primeau, Ottawa artist.
A Simple Jar Filled with Daisies.

Daisies add colour in simple jar.   As summer draws to a close (Labour Day is the unofficial end of summer), some flowers remain in the garden while others have long faded away.   In my compact yard, daisies, zinnias, … Read More

Kia, custom pet portrait by Louise's ARTiculations
Kia, a darling Lhasa Apso .

Meet darling Kia, a Lhasa Apso whose sweet face melts your heart. In several poses, Kia sits pretty, and obviously enjoys all the attention her family lavishes on her. She reminds me of other white puppies I have painted lately, … Read More

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